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There are plenty of fish in the sea. Catching the right jewelry client requires an effective strategy.
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Jewelry clients are like fish. Catching the right ones are essential to your fishing success.
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Competition is fierce in retail jewelry. We help you land the big fish.
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Bosen Associates


Strategy. Culture. Leadership.


Phillip Bosen consults with the jewelry industry to develop and apply sound strategies that assure client loyalty, the right inventory and a happy productive team. With over four decades of experience, he teaches innovative sales methods that ensure profitability and create long term, high value client relationships.

Our Services


Expertise. Committment. Value.


From our early days, we’ve been providing reliable service to jewelers. We’ve had the honor of being the jewelry consulting firm of choice for many of the nation’s finest retailers.

Retail Sales Consulting


Staff Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring, coaching, and teaching others about the jewelry business is our passion. We help you set real goals with real return on investment.

  • Diamond Sales Training
  • Custom Jewelry Design
  • Operating a profitable Appraisal Services

Long-Term Client Management

We deliver thoughtful client retention and advisory services that target the right jewelry purchasing clientele. Our strategies help increase your client visibility.

  • Client Relationship Management
  • Event Planning
  • Community Development
  • Creative Gifting

For Profit Business Modeling

We build retail jewelry sales models designed to return maximum profits and build a loyal clientele. Our strategy playbook builds wealth.

  • Business Growth
  • Client Development & Retention 
  • Branding

Team Performance

We offer a full suite of Human Resource consulting. From generational transfer of leadership to workplace conflict resolution, we act as your HR liaison and advocate.

  • Recruiting and Talent Acquisition
  • Interviewing and Aptitude Testing
  • Performance Reviews
  • Leadership Training

Our 5-Pronged Approach to Establishing Client Loyalty

As a retail jeweler, client loyalty is key to building a long-term approach to building your business. Whether you’re a brick and mortar or an online jewelry retailer or both, we help you build solid strategies to connect with your client base. At Bosen Associates, we’ve developed a proven business model using our 5-pronged approach. We meet with your team to discover your goals. Once we understand them, we help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (S.W.O.T.) and how those relate to your current business model. We then develop an actionable plan we can build upon using our 5-pronged approach to creating long-term client loyalty. 

Step One. Client Advisory Boards: Getting Client Feedback

Having a program to assure real-time feedback from your clients is key. Establishing a Client Advisory Board can help identify blind spots to connect.

Step Two. Loyalty Rewards Program: Keeping Your Clients Engaged

Acknowledging the value a repeat customer brings to your business is appreciated. Using a solid Loyalty Rewards Program show clients you care.

Step Three. Cause-Related Marketing: Increasing Your Visibility

Being in the right place at the right time helps you establish visibility. Making donations through Cause-Related Marketing can accelerate introductions to VIP clientele.

Step Four. Hiring The Wiring: Recruiting Top Talent and Training

Your sales associates are your brand advocates. Finding the right fit through a solid recruiting and training program is known as Hiring the Wiring.

Step Five. Clienteling: Understanding Your Clients

Understanding your client’s needs is integral to establishing long-term relationships. This is known as Clienteling.

How We Engage


Either in person, virtual, or on call, we are always here for your team. Every year, Phillip travels to client sites all over the U.S. Whether he is conducting staff training, giving lectures, or assisting with client events, Phillip is available as a key member of your strategic team. He is available via phone, virtual call, or in person to provide consultations. As your on call retail jewelry expert, he adds depth and wisdom to the wide array of business issues confronting retail jewelers in today’s competitive markets.

In Person

Bosen Associates makes house calls. Whether helping you recruit a key sales associate, training your teams in proven sales techniques, or strategic planning to improve your business model, Phillip is available to consult with you to improve your client loyalty.

Virtual Calls

We’re virtual. With the advent in face-to-face virtual communications, Phillip can conduct training or provide consultations from virtually anywhere. As a skilled presenter, Phillip is well-versed in conducting and leading virtual team meetings and events.

On Call

Many retail jewelers Phillip consults with have needs that arise and require immediate help. Phillip’s business model ensures access for on call consultations and questions. His goal is to provide each of his clients the resources necessary to meet daily business objectives.

Download My Reading List


Reading is a lifelong passion. I have compiled a list of books that have had an indelible impact on both my career and my client’s success. If you’re a lifelong learner, these books won’t disappoint. I encourage you to download my list of suggested reading materials, order a book or two and get started learning the valuable lessons contained within their pages! 

Client Loyalty By The Numbers



80% of your future revenues will come from just 20% of your current clients.


33% of clients say they will consider a new company following a poor service interaction.


67% of clients spend more in their third year than their first year with a business.


A small increase of 5% in client retention can result in a 25% or more increase in profits.


The new hire cost of a salespersons annual salary is equal to 30% of the company's bottom line.

About Phillip Bosen


CEO & Chief Strategist

Mentoring, coaching, and teaching others is Phillip’s passion.  A passion that has extended well beyond his roots in the jewelry world and have propelled him into a variety of businesses, economic development initiatives, and vast volunteer opportunities.

Phillip holds a Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and is a participant of Harvard’s GIA Global Leadership Program. He is an active, long-term member of the American Gem Society (AGS) and recipient of it’s Sallie Morton Award. As a lifelong learner, Phillip is a believer in continuing education. He continues to study and complete MBA level coursework in leadership from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business.

The prime directive and mission of Phillip’s consultancy is to help retailers improve their profitability, deploy sound business models, and improve their quality of life.

Client Testimonials


If you are in the jewelry industry and need any help, please do yourself a favor and contact Phillip at Bosen Associates. He has extensive, first-hand knowledge of every facet of the business. Starting from a primary, single location up to a company with several locations in multiple states. Hiring, firing, daily paperwork, processes, bookkeeping, and legacy transitions are just a few areas of his proficiency. Phillip also has an extensive network of professionals throughout the country to call on that he has helped in the past. He can help your life in the industry as an owner get better with each suggestion. It would be well worth your time and money for him to help you reach the quality of life you desire. Phillip knows how to get you there. I was the benefactor of one of his clients as I became a new hire at Julius Klein Diamonds. If you need help, don’t call on someone that has studied the subject; call on Phillip, who has been in your situation and mastered it.

William Frost
Sales Executive
Julius Klein Diamonds

I highly recommend Phillip’s placement services, he is very knowledgeable and well connected in the jewelry industry. I had the pleasure of meeting him through a colleague at my former employer, and I could not be more grateful for the time he spent with me, providing me with very valuable advice. He took the time to get to know me and learn about my past work experience, where I was at professionally, and where I felt I needed to be.

I was at a place where I was feeling frustrated with my career path and lack of opportunity for growth. Philip was candid and spoke to me like a friend, he was very straightforward and I felt like he sincerely wanted to help me find a role that would be the best fit for me. He gave me a lot to think about, and with his help, I was able to find the perfect fit with the company I am working for now. He is an excellent resource to help further your career and reach your professional goals. I now feel like I have an ally in the jewelry industry and I cannot thank Phillip or recommend his services enough!

Christine Edwards
Graduate Gemologist/Jewelry Desing

The advice, help and coaching I received from Phillip was nothing short of life-changing. Phillip’s encouraging–yet realistic–feedback on my roles, actions, and responsibilities were beyond helpful. He is an efficient, responsive, and personable businessman. His experience is breathtaking, and that is only part of what makes him a perfect fit to be a Consultant to Retail Jewelers!

Preston Wallace
Software Engineer 

We have a busy jewelry business in Corvallis, Oregon. Our specialties are fine colored gemstones and one-of-a-kind custom designs. It requires a great deal of knowledge to succeed in a store like ours, and we hold our staff to very high standards of education and integrity. In late November of 2021, we found ourselves with three new hires, none of which had any experience in the jewelry industry. We had great intentions of training them ourselves but quickly realized that we needed help before the busiest month of the year. We invited Phillip to our store and he spent three full days giving our new employees a crash-course in all things diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry. He taught best-practices for sales and service and did many role-playing activities with the employees. The confidence our new sales associates gained in those three days was invaluable. It was best possible investment we could have made for their future success at our store, and in the industry.

Phillip has conducted follow-up virtual trainings with our staff, and we were able to tailor these sessions to cover areas that need more depth and answered questions that have arisen for them as they navigate their new career.  Every time they meet with Phillip I see new excitement and eagerness to learn and do more.

I cannot overstate the value of service that Bosen Associates provides! It has been a tremendous ROI and money well spent!

Elisa Olufson
Olufson Designs Jewelers

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Phillip over a good number of years, while I was at both GIA and Jewelers Mutual. Every interaction and/or project has left me being grateful for his participation.

Phillip is a consummate professional and his knowledge of the gem & jewelry world top-notch. He is a complete value-add to the jewelry industry in general. But even more so to retail jewelers where his insights help businesses grow their bottom line, build depth (with both staff AND customers), and prosper in general.

He would a welcome resource to any organization looking to take their business to the next level.

Craig Selimotic Danforth
Relationship Management and Client Advocate

I was reluctant to hire a consultant. I really know MY business, but Phillip Bosen really knows THE business! Phillip has provided a depth of knowledge in the areas of employee engagement and success, special events, navigating family dynamics, streamlining processes, training my team and much more. I have a golf pro help me with my short game and it only makes sense to have Phillip as my business coach. Our business has grown exponentially in the six years we have worked together and I know it will continue to grow.

Shant Dakessian
Simon & Son Jewlers

Knowing we needed a top level sales executive and I’m so glad we contacted Phillip Bosen to conduct the search. Phillip was professional and easy to work with. We are very pleased that through his search we found William Frost.

I’ve known Phillip Bosen for many years from our mutual involvement with the American Gem Society. He’s a respected and well connected consultant with an in-depth knowledge of the diamond and jewelry industry. As we expanded Julius Klein Diamonds it was time to retain a new sales executive.  Asking several respected retail partners who should head up the search, Phillip’s name kept coming up. We are very pleased with the level of care that he exerted to make sure the candidate he found was a good fit. The process was totally seamless. Phillip is easy to work with and very professional. I recommend that when you are ready to take your jewelry business to the next level you hire him!

Mark J. Klein
Julius Klein Diamonds

For years Phillip has provided wise council to our operations manager. He found us an outstanding gemologist several years ago. He developed and implementing a training program allowing our sales manager to increase the team’s sales. It’s valuable to have someone that knows the jewelry industry so well as we grow our business and navigate challenges.

Rejena Carreras 
Carreras Jewelers 

Phillip’s advice in clienteling and sales strategy has proven invaluable to our team at K.Jons. His approach was strategic, with actionable steps. When we implemented the Client Advisory Board, we gained invaluable customer insight that ended up driving thousands of dollars in sales. Phillip’s unbiased opinion was incredibly helpful in the decision-making process of our marketing strategy. Most importantly, Phillip helped us find the best ways to focus on the top 20% of our customers that drove 80% of our sales. Implementing what Phillip advised paid dividends many times over!

Preston Wallace

 Phillip is a brilliant gemologist. His dedication, customer focus, and many years of experience makes the Von Bargen’s experience memorable. He assisted me in building a beautiful, personal jewelry wardrobe, including designing a custom ring. Phillip would stand out at any premier luxury designer or couture jewelry store world wide.

Kimberly Aldous

Phillip is a super nice guy, very knowledgeable about his products, and very professional. If he tells you he will do something, you can bank on it! I would highly recommend that people do business with Phillip Bosen.

Clif Coleman
President & CEO of Coleman-Adams Construction, Inc.

I’m am so grateful to have Phillip N. Bosen as a colleague and friend! Phillip has not only presented at our Maryland AGS Guild twice (and was awesome!), but he also just recently provided me with amazing feedback and recommendations after doing a second interview with three part time sales candidates. Making this hiring decision was daunting and he made me feel confident and at ease. Phillip is professional, thorough and accommodating. I highly recommend him for all jewelry consulting needs!

Amanda Coleman Phelps
Nelson Coleman Jewelers
Towson, Maryland

Phillip is incredibly customer-oriented – down to the last detail. Not only is he professional and very knowledgeable about his product, but he is very personable and understands his customers’ needs/wants to a detail that is unsurpassed. I would not hesitate (and don’t hesitate) in sending my friends, family, and colleagues to see Phillip. He is a pleasure to work with and is highly talented in his field.

Marla Beth Colling
Chief Compliance Officer, Legal Executive

I was inspired by Phillip’s Client Advisory Board idea when I heard him speak a few years ago. I took his idea and tailored it to fit my business. My CAB took the form of a Book Club, which keeps my best clients engaged, interested, and always learning about new jewelry topics. This has led directly to thousands of dollars in sales. Having intimate social contact with a group of clients is enormously helpful in gauging interest in jewelry and trends. Phillip’s consulting has helped me immensely, in areas from new location scouting to in-store event planning and execution.

He has experience and ideas are always spot on! I would recommend him to any professional jeweler who needs a new perspective on their business.

Laura Stanley GG, CG

Things Phillip Cares About 


Little Free Pantry

“Hinesburg’s Little Free Pantry distributed over $12,000 worth of canned, dried and fresh food and local produce during the last year.

Some 60 million Americans received food assistance from a food bank, food pantry or other charitable program in 2020, an increase of 50 percent over the previous year, according to Feeding America.

Through the generosity of the community, Little Free Pantry received monetary donations as well as fresh eggs, vegetables, syrup, honey and non-perishable food.

The free pantry, built by the Burlington Sunrise Rotary Club, is located outside the United Church parish hall on Route 116, Hinesburg. The mission is simple — take what you need and leave what you can.”

– The Citizen Newspaper, “Help support Hinesburg’s Little Free Pantry”


Kenya Clean Water Project

Approximately 2,000 filters were provided to households that boil water for purification in the villages of Siaya and Bondo.

With a fully formed biological layer and proper use, Hydraid® filters remove 99% of parasites, 90%-99% of bacteria, and 80%-99% of viruses from contaminated drinking water. Training in sanitation and hygiene preceded the distribution of the filters. Installation is easy, and there are no moving parts to repair or replace. In addition, no electricity or plumbing is required because the filtration units are gravity fed.


Young Adult Advocacy

As a father of five incredible adult children, Phillip has seen firsthand some of the challenges and difficult decisions facing today’s young people. Coaching and mentoring his own children as well as others has been part of his service for many years. 

When given the ecclesiastical assignment to lead a congregation of young adults, he was able to successfully implement a system in which the physical, emotional and spiritual welfare of each was addressed. He was able to assist in leadership development and foster a sense of love and mutual respect among those of diverse backgrounds.

Those in his stewardship made great strides in a variety of endeavors and will continue to positively impact the world in many ways.

Let’s Build Your Business Together