Phillip N. Bosen

Phillip Bosen

Phillip Bosen is a veteran jewelry retail expert, having been involved with different aspects of the business since 1982. Bosen started working at his family’s small jewelry store after school, at the age of twelve. This early start got him hooked!

He has worked with small, medium, and larger jewelers and has learned from the best.

Always paying close attention and learning new and innovative ways to improve the functionality and profitability of the businesses has been a hallmark of his career. Phillip has attended and participated in a wide variety of educational seminars, leadership courses, and AGS Conclaves.
Mentoring, coaching, and teaching others has always been a passion that has extended beyond the jewelry world and into a variety of volunteer opportunities.

Phillip’s consultancy specifically helps retail jewelers improve profitability and quality of life.

Consulting Services

Business Growth
Client Development and Retention

Diamond Sales and Training
Custom Jewelry Design
Appraisal Services

Public Speaking
Event Planning
Community Development
Team Building

Client Advisory Boards (CABs)

We at K. Jons Diamonds and Gems desired input from customers on specific business decisions, and we had heard of the benefits of Client Advisory Boards (CABs) from multiple people. Ultimately, it was Phillip’s mention of how the CABs can do many things that pushed us to decide to do it:

  • Advice on business decisions
  • Get to know good customers better
  • Networking
  • Building relationships

Potentially introducing ourselves to more clients we don’t currently know
It was the last item that truly pushed us over the edge. I heard Phillip’s stories of how his CABs in the past have brought clients to his stores indirectly, through encouragement of referrals. This was particularly interesting, since we had been searching for better, more effective ways to reach out and find new customers.

We successfully executed the event. It was a 2 hour event, consisting of closing the shop/prep, Meet & Greet, Introduction, passing the jewelry in question, showing our new boxes, and doing a raffle. The evening was definitely a success. Our main “order of business” at our first meeting was to get our customers opinions on three different lines of jewelry we were considering purchasing from. We got good feedback, were able to compile the results into averages, and decided to go with all three lines as a result. All our customers are excited to see the new lines in our store, and it gives them a sense of “ownership” knowing that they “chose” those lines. We also got opinions on new jewelry boxes to match the remodel and logo redesign we did last year. That has helped us as a management team make a decision between a few options we as staff couldn’t agree upon previously.

The final success, and perhaps the most powerful, is that many of the ladies that attended expressed thanks for inviting them to the event. They were not “sold” to or pushed in any way. In contrast, they said it felt wonderful to be advising us, the business they love to shop at, on decisions that matter. They also saw it as a wise choice on our part to gather input in a meaningful way from them. We as a management team have high hopes for this event and group of ladies to grow and become a recurring event they look forward to.

A partial list of what Phillip from Bosen Associates LLC did for us, and how he made it a success:

  • Provided us with a very extensive and detailed “game plan” (covering many of the items in the above list)
  • Provided us with a wording template for letters, phone scripts, invitations, and crafted questions in a way that efficiently got the pertinent information we needed from our members.
  • Advised on many details, such as:
    • Food (Eating while sitting down? Or where/when? How much to have? What type?)
    • Table Style/Arrangement (one long table vs multiple rounds)
    • Meeting Order & time
  • Helped us know how many attendees there should be (and encouraged us to stick with it when we didn’t get as many as we had hoped at first)

In general, walked us through the process, answered questions, and helped us make it a successful event!

From Preston Wallace– K. Jons Diamonds and Gems, Alascadero, CA




  • Phillip is a brilliant gemologist. His dedication, customer focus, and many years of experience makes the Von Bargen’s experience memorable. He assisted me in building a beautiful, personal jewelry wardrobe, including designing a custom ring. Phillip would stand out at any premier luxury designer or couture jewelry store world wide.

    Kimberly Aldous

  • Phillip is a super nice guy, very knowledgeable about his products, and very professional. If he tells you he will do something, you can bank on it! I would highly recommend that people do business with Phillip Bosen.


    Clif Coleman
    President & CEO of Coleman-Adams Construction, Inc.

  • Phillip is incredibly customer-oriented – down to the last detail. Not only is he professional and very knowledgeable about his product, but he is very personable and understands his customers’ needs/wants to a detail that is unsurpassed. I would not hesitate (and don’t hesitate) in sending my friends, family, and colleagues to see Phillip. He is a pleasure to work with and is highly talented in his field.

    Marla Beth Colling
    Chief Compliance Officer, Legal Executive

  • Phillip helped play a critical role in the growth of Von Bargen’s Jewelry over the past six years. Phillip attracted and hired strong and successful leadership for the Burlington and Stowe locations as well as assisting with the hiring of sales staff throughout the company. Phillip provided training to the management team including assisting staff members in reaching their full potential, hiring and firing,and culture immersion.

    Jason Thom
    President, VonBargen’s Jewelry

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